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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Animal Parade

We’ve received 3 lovely ATC’s so far this week. Well done ladies. It’s so great seeing how you’ve all taking this challenge.

Week 13 Animals Margaret
First up is Marg’s lovely ATC. The image is from a card she received years ago. Marg’s given it a little glitz but basically kept it as was. Very nice!!
Week 13 Animals Justine 
This lovely little poodle is from Justine. Isn’t it just a gorgeous little card? Love the music paper too. Great Job!
Week 13 Animals Marla
Last and definitely not least is Marla’s lovely chalk ATC with the beautiful pelican featured. Great job Marla, love the colours, and can imagine how much brighter it is in real life.

Look forward to picking a winner out of the hat tonight!!

1 comment:

  1. Marg....he's a very spiffy elephant!
    Justine .... what a lovely poodle... love that music
    Marla ... He's a lovely pelican Marla.