If you would like to share you achievement, either email me at redcrystalstar(at)gmail.com with the subject ATCs4U Challenge Blog, leave a post pointing to your image or feel free to join our little group. The link is on the sidebar.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 5 – Where I live & WINNER

This week's theme is "Where I live". This could be the main area of your house where you spend the most time, an overview of your town, or the outlook from your from your front window. If you wish to list your suburb like I did feel free, though if I get any entries that list your street I will blur that part. I like us to be safe :o) No need to be specific. Interpret it as you will.

Week 5 De Week 5 back
De has chosen to keep this ATC fairly straight forward she has used a small photograph of the view from her front windows in spring, a view that makes her feel happy. She’s typed on some extra paper and added brads to it. I love that the photo is personalised with her in it.

homeThis is my ATC. As stated, my computer is in the shop.. It seems that all the DVD’s I burnt with my photos, only work with that computer.. Handy eh? lol.
Instead of having my actual house I made do with this cute little paper house. I’ve used some of the cool mesh ribbon, a string of pearl beads. Mini letters and the two embellishments that were from the same packet. I’ve also {homemade} glimmer misted  the blue cardstock. Fairly simple, but nice enough.. I can’t wait to see how you interpret this.

I am so proud, 9 of us have kept up.. Amazing! If you are anything like me you usually do 2-3 and then fall off LOL. Well girls, we’ve passed week 4 so we’re are doing awesome :o)
There are 6 people eligible for prizes (Leesa didn’t want to take away from you all :) )  I’ve left the order as it appears(alphabetical) on the side bar.
Chelle (4)  Loulou (4) Margaret (4) Marla (4) Sam (4) Tammy (4)
I headed over to Random.org and since there was a neat 6 people I rolled the dice and number 6 came out. (I was just going to post the die and this stupid thing crashed.. LOL) Congrats to Tammy! Your prize is a pack of Rubons, a pack of ribbon, 1 darkroom door film strip and a stamp. I hope you will enjoy playing with these items :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super AUSSIE ATC’s!!

Ladies, I am so thrilled at all the ATC’s that were created for this challenge. They are all brilliant! Each one makes me love being an Aussie just a bit more :o)
I apologise that this has taken me a while to get them up. My laptop battery died and we’ve finally taken it back (because otherwise we’d miss our warranty period LOL!) I also apologise as the dinosaur doesn’t have your blog links, so when I type your name it isn’t going to put your blog link in. It’s also a completely slow …. so I will do this at a later date or I might just throw it out the window ;)
Anyhow on with the show… In order of uploading!!

Leesa wk 4 This lovely ATC was created by Leesa. Isn’t that Cockatoo just beautiful! You’ve done an awesome job embossing him. loving the Aussie colours!
Margaret Wk 4 Margaret’s beautiful creation! It is so cute Margaret! You do lovely work!
Sam's week 4 SammyStickles, :o) I love the stickles that you’ve used on the kookaburra!! He looks fantastic, well done.
aussie This is really cute Marla! I am loving that echidna, it’s one of my favourite Aussie animals. love the gum flowers!
Linda Linda this is just great. It’s good to see you utilising the Hubby’s cans :)
I really like the effect you’ve had by running it through the cuttlebug!! Top ATC!
wk4 Chelle, you’ve done another great job. One handed or not, you certainly do a much better job than I. hehe!

Week 3

Samantha’s week 3.. Your birthday is the day after mine :D
I love all the greens, very nice!

Sam Week 3

Week 2

Samantha’s delightful summer themed ATC!!! LOVE the stickles :D

Sam Week 2

Week 1 introducing SammyStickles

Sam Week 1 
The lovely Sam has decided to join us in our challenge! The next posts will all feature just her card. I found that when I put two of Tammy’s in on blog post then I could only tag it once which put the count on the side out. As I am using that to keep track of who is up to date, it needs to be right :)
Sam, LOVE the colours, doodling and that bling!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spending Time Together Aussie Style!

Our first entry is from the lovely Tammy. Tammy has focused on the colours of the Australian Flag, as well as one of our national symbols the Kangaroo.

AusdayI love the kids on the swing.  One of my favourite things to do as a child on a warm day!
Great Job Tammy! 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 4 - Celebrate Australia Day!!

This Monday is Australia day. Our challenge to you this week is to make an Australian Themed ATC. Now this could be anything, focus on our animals, maybe the Red, White and Blue of our flag.. Or maybe it’s Lamb chops :D It’s totally up to you what you interpret this as. As long as it’s Australian it’s A-OK!

Aus aus back
Here is De’s Australian ATC. After living out bush for many years I can say how much those colours just sum up out there :)
I love the chipboard shape! It’s cool the way her binding hole goes through the shape.
The Kangaroo embellishment is about 40 years old.. Can you beat that? It’s a Qantas pin that they used to give out many many moons ago. No, Mum hasn’t ruined it, she poked it into the paper but has left it so it can be pulled out LOL.

Here is my ATC. I have to say I am much happier with this than I started out being. It was so flat and bleh, but I think I’ve pulled it back a bit from bleh :) I started out following our rocking digi gal Chelle, but well I just CAN’T do it. I found 3 images I liked, 1 Anzac biscuits, 1 Pavlova and 1 Lamingtons. I made the back image the biccy’s and then added the Lamingtons and Pav on top. I added the text last. When I printed it, it looked flat (*duh). So I printed a second. Cut out some extra strawberries, cut out the flag and 1 Lamington, put all of those on mounting tape. On the popping Lamington and some of the non popping strawbs, I put glass glitter. I went over the text with black pen, but it still looked very plain, so I went around it in white to hi-light it.
If you click the below image it will show you the glass glitter better.


I hope that we have challenged and inspired you again this week.. I LOVE seeing what you girls come up with. It is awesome!
Don’t forget that at the completion of this week everyone that is up to date by Thursday evening will go in the draw for a little something :o) So if you’re not up to date, quick hehe!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cupcake for you

Our most recent birthday entry is from Marla. It is a gorgeous fabric cupcake. Isn’t it just so cute? I love the colours! Well done!!

birthday cake

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Surprises :)

I am totally thrilled by all the lovely Birthday ATC’s that have been coming in this week. Well done girls!! Apologies that it’s taken some of these a few days to appear.

First up is Chelle’s card. Wow! Digital never look so sparkly!!! I love that cup cake. I don’t know how she did it, but it looks awesome. Well done Chelle.

 Chelle Birthday

Here is Margaret’s card. She has recycled an old Birthday card. Reusing is one of my favourite things about ATC’s. There is so much you can recycle to pull off a funky ATC.

Margaret Birthday

Here is the ever lovely Loulou’s card. I am not sure what the Icing on the cake is but it looks fantastic Linda!! I love all the Masculine colours. Well done!

Linda Birthday

Next up we have Leesa’s Birthdya ATC. I love that she has used her brand spanking new baby (the i-top) already :) It’s great when you can bust out a new gadget and have it look as great as that brad does! Great ATC Leesa.

Leesa's Birthday

Last but definitely not least we have Tammy’s great little ATC. I love all the bling and girly-ness of this card!!! Very pretty Tammy.

Tammy birthday

Summer Delights

Here are two lovely Summer ATC’s.
The first creation is from Marla. I love all the work that you’ve put into this!! All the little extra shells you added really do give it that beach feel.

Marla Summer

Here is Marnie’s lovely ATC. The colours are awesome Marnie! Love the cute thongs too! So Aussie :)
Marnie summer

It’s all in a name

Apologies, Marla had these posted well before the weekend but with Mum’s birthday and all updating the blog got put on hold.
Lovely ATC Marla! I love that you’ve combined digital and texture! Well done :)

Marla Name

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 3, It’s your Birthday

OK, this week's theme is your birthday. I know your birthday wont fall in this week (but mine does LOL), however do the ATC leaving the journaling side empty for now. Do a spare back to actually journal this coming week and keep it with the Birthday one.... see where I am heading with this?
Now what will happen, in the actual week of your Birthday, you will complete that weeks topic but paste your week 3 diary entry on the back of it and put it back where it belongs. You will then write your birthday week diary on your birthday atc that you’ve already completed.

CIMG8758Here is Elizabeth's ATC. She has focused on a wooden balloon, which she has painted, adding glitter to the streamer on the balloon, then tied some gold ribbon (which has been stiffened with wire so it will hold it's shape) on the bottom of it. She attached a ticket to the balloon reading Birthday Wishes.





De Birthday De Birthday Back

This is my Birthday ATC. The background has been done with very diluted Distress Inks (what I call the baking paper technique), The cake has been coloured in using Glaze and Tiara pens, and the off-white flower was stamped with a music stamp. A bling heart on the pink flower and a little round bling on the blue one completed them. The back was again done using the baking paper technique and Distress Inks and a small stamp was used in the corners.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pretties from ‘the PERFECT one’

Tammy has been away because of Christmas and even with all that AND moving, she has managed to create two lovely ATC’s!!! I love her name meaning, but I think the people who decides what is what got it wrong and that it should be Elizabeth’s that’s “the Perfect one” LOL What do you think Leesa? Sound right :D
These are such lovely ATC’s Tammy. I love all the work you’ve put in. That quilling is so well done!

tammyperfect summerwish

Hope you girls are all ready for week 3.. Can you believe it, already up to week 3 OMG!

Summer Creation

This lovely bright Digi ATC is from the lovely Chelle. I love that little birdie he is so Awesome!! That word strip at the bottom is really fun too Chelle! Well done and I am glad that we are inspiring you!!

 Summer Chelle

Pretties from the “the PERFECT one” Pt 2

*Disregard this post*
This post is to make the tag count correct as 2 of Tammy’s ATC’s are in one post and I am using the side data to keep track of who is up to date :)
*Disregard this post*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here is Margaret’s summer ATC. I love it. The whole card is drawn. It is really nifty Margaret. I don’t have skill with pens so I admire yours. Well done!

Summer, Margaret

More week 1’s

I have two more lovely Week 1’s here to share. The first is Sharon’s it’s lovely Sharon! The colours are great.

ATC 2010 1

Our second lovely ATC is from Margaret. I really love that you put your picture on it and I think that pearl necklace looks great! Fab idea!

Name and Meaning Margaret

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two lovely Summer ATC’s

I am so proud of you two!! They are lovely.

Linda that background looks absolutely amazing! I love how you’ve had to do ‘extra’ things as it wouldn’t stand out. I have that problem alot! LOL Go to Linda’s blog to read all that she did.


Leesa, I just love your summer beach ATC. It is so fresh and fun, I can almost smell the sea breeze. The fish are so cute as are the rain drops you’ve used. Go to Leesa’s blog to read more.

Summer Beach For those that don’t know, when we get to week 26 the member(if there is more than 1 the names will go in a hat) who has done the most challenges will get a stamp set from me, +the lovely goodies that Leesa sent along. Leesa runs Fat Cat Scrappin’, (who are hosting their first ATC Swap btw). So big thanks to her.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rejoice with Purple

I am so happy tonight we got another player to our weekly challenge.. Marnie, has come out to play with us :) I am so glad you found time to make your card Marnie.

my name atc

I love the use of the negative frame and the way you’ve altered it!! Very cool!

Week 2, Summer

As it is summer here in Australia, these week’s theme is Summer, so this week start thinking summer fruits, ice creams, summer colours, maybe something beachy? It’s all up to you and how you wish to interpret; Summer.

Summer 1 (2)Summer back   Here is mum’s ATC. Mum decided that she wanted to focus on the lovely warm colours, ice-cream sundae’s and a lovely summer rose.

'Tis the last rose of summer

Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;
No flower of her kindred,
No rosebud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
To give sigh for sigh.

The sundae’s were stamped with stazon, and coloured in with Glaze pens and the silver was American Crafts. I just love the little fly stamp, he’s from one of the Basic Grey lines.

Summer week 2

This is my Summer ATC. I said I was going to go bulky for this project, and this would have to be the flattest ATC I’ve made in a while LOL I do like it though. I stamped the paddle pops on Bazzill and a PP and cut them. To make piecing them back together easier on myself I stamped the image on the ATC so I knew where to stamp the other images. Once they were all stamped I put the paddle pops back together. Distressed the edges with Fired Brick and I added one of those stamped BG flies, as he is just so cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vintage Treat

The lovely Chelle has completed a lovely vintage-ish digi card. I really love that embellishment that runs up the side of the photo.. If only I could get some for paper scrapping :D


Almost the end of week 1

I’d like to thank the girls that have completed this and the girls who have taken up the challenge but haven’t yet finished. I can’t wait to see what you manage to come up with.

I will post the new challenge tomorrow morning. I hope that you like it and you are inspired!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty in Pinks

Oh I am so pleased to say we have another player to our little challenge blog. Leesa has joined in the fun. Thanks for coming to play!

Leesa and I are both “God’s Promise” as Leesa is a derivative of Elizabeth. I guess I knew that, but this has reminded me. Leesa has written all that she used on her blog, so check it out! I just love this cute little ATC, those letters are awesome!

Monday, January 4, 2010

So excited!!

I just received Linda’s photo of her weekly challenge. She has done, not one but TWO awesome ATC’s!!! How cool is that? You can read all about it on her blog, which she’s even made a NY resolution to update at least once a month.. :D Good luck Loulou!!Picture

I am really loving the Spanish meaning one, I love the way Linda’s incorporated the lady and the embellishments! Great work Linda!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Week 1, Your Name and It’s Meaning

Welcome to week 1. This weeks topic is Your name and it's meaning.
Below is mum’s. She decorated her grungeboard D with blue paint and a white pen. Mum chose to handwrite her name and meaning. Her back is plain white cardstock with a little bird stamped and lines ruled.

This is my ATC. I stamped a frame on some dictionary paper, blended some red onto it and my printed name and it’s meaning. I embellished a fragment with a rub-on and put alcohol ink on the back of the fragment. I also added a little DM to the front to stop the rub-on lifting. I love the way it swings off the chain, too cute!

  Week 1Week 1 -close up

I hope that I get to see some entries, I am dying to know how you will take the challenge!! I really look forward to doing this each week. Mini creations just for me :)

Welcome and Recognition

First of all I would like to recognise where this idea came from. In 2008 Purple Scraps ran a year long ATC diary hosted by Julie Donaghy. De was unable to join in the challenge at that time, so has adapted some of the ideas shown on Purple Scraps and will be hosting this challenge for us at ATCs4U.

We would like to welcome you to join us in this year long personal challenge. Each week we will be posting a new topic for you to decorate your ATC front. How you wish to create your ATC is completely up to you. On the reverse side you will write a mini journal about the weeks highlights.If you are unable to complete your ATC for the week, it would still be a good idea to grab a blank and write the topic on one side and some ‘reminders’ for your journaling on the other side..

Each week we will bring you a new topic, posted here and at the group.You are most welcome to post your ATC in the group (weekly folders will be created). Also for those that blog feel free to leave a comment pointing to your post and I’ll be sure to link here to your post. I will update the blog with completed fronts when they are added to the group, because the journaling may be private there is no need to upload that unless you wish to!!

This weeks topic is: Your Name and It’s Meaning.