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Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 5 – Where I live & WINNER

This week's theme is "Where I live". This could be the main area of your house where you spend the most time, an overview of your town, or the outlook from your from your front window. If you wish to list your suburb like I did feel free, though if I get any entries that list your street I will blur that part. I like us to be safe :o) No need to be specific. Interpret it as you will.

Week 5 De Week 5 back
De has chosen to keep this ATC fairly straight forward she has used a small photograph of the view from her front windows in spring, a view that makes her feel happy. She’s typed on some extra paper and added brads to it. I love that the photo is personalised with her in it.

homeThis is my ATC. As stated, my computer is in the shop.. It seems that all the DVD’s I burnt with my photos, only work with that computer.. Handy eh? lol.
Instead of having my actual house I made do with this cute little paper house. I’ve used some of the cool mesh ribbon, a string of pearl beads. Mini letters and the two embellishments that were from the same packet. I’ve also {homemade} glimmer misted  the blue cardstock. Fairly simple, but nice enough.. I can’t wait to see how you interpret this.

I am so proud, 9 of us have kept up.. Amazing! If you are anything like me you usually do 2-3 and then fall off LOL. Well girls, we’ve passed week 4 so we’re are doing awesome :o)
There are 6 people eligible for prizes (Leesa didn’t want to take away from you all :) )  I’ve left the order as it appears(alphabetical) on the side bar.
Chelle (4)  Loulou (4) Margaret (4) Marla (4) Sam (4) Tammy (4)
I headed over to Random.org and since there was a neat 6 people I rolled the dice and number 6 came out. (I was just going to post the die and this stupid thing crashed.. LOL) Congrats to Tammy! Your prize is a pack of Rubons, a pack of ribbon, 1 darkroom door film strip and a stamp. I hope you will enjoy playing with these items :)


  1. Congratulations Tammy! Hope you enjoy your goodies

  2. This is a cute little ATC Elizabeth. It shows another approach to the one I took

  3. Well done on winning Tammy! And well done to all of you for keeping up. I hope you can continue it. I have a huge parcel to send with my romance ATC's, so keep it up!

  4. OH WOW! Thanks Liz! And thank you lucky dice :)!

  5. Congrats Tammy and to all the ATC4U girls who have kept going for January. Bring on Feb challenges.

  6. My ATC is on my blog

  7. I did this last night, but was too tired to upload, here is mine for this week - http://aussiescrapaholic.blogspot.com/2010/02/week-5-atc.html

    Great challenge, looking forward to the next one :D