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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pretties from ‘the PERFECT one’

Tammy has been away because of Christmas and even with all that AND moving, she has managed to create two lovely ATC’s!!! I love her name meaning, but I think the people who decides what is what got it wrong and that it should be Elizabeth’s that’s “the Perfect one” LOL What do you think Leesa? Sound right :D
These are such lovely ATC’s Tammy. I love all the work you’ve put in. That quilling is so well done!

tammyperfect summerwish

Hope you girls are all ready for week 3.. Can you believe it, already up to week 3 OMG!


  1. gorgeous ATCs Tammy well done

  2. HeHe (we just know it was written for us and got lost in translation!), well done Tammy gorgeous work

  3. I love the quilling on the "wish" ATC - just gorgeous. Its the first time I've seen it IRL so to speak instead of a mag.