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Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 4 - Celebrate Australia Day!!

This Monday is Australia day. Our challenge to you this week is to make an Australian Themed ATC. Now this could be anything, focus on our animals, maybe the Red, White and Blue of our flag.. Or maybe it’s Lamb chops :D It’s totally up to you what you interpret this as. As long as it’s Australian it’s A-OK!

Aus aus back
Here is De’s Australian ATC. After living out bush for many years I can say how much those colours just sum up out there :)
I love the chipboard shape! It’s cool the way her binding hole goes through the shape.
The Kangaroo embellishment is about 40 years old.. Can you beat that? It’s a Qantas pin that they used to give out many many moons ago. No, Mum hasn’t ruined it, she poked it into the paper but has left it so it can be pulled out LOL.

Here is my ATC. I have to say I am much happier with this than I started out being. It was so flat and bleh, but I think I’ve pulled it back a bit from bleh :) I started out following our rocking digi gal Chelle, but well I just CAN’T do it. I found 3 images I liked, 1 Anzac biscuits, 1 Pavlova and 1 Lamingtons. I made the back image the biccy’s and then added the Lamingtons and Pav on top. I added the text last. When I printed it, it looked flat (*duh). So I printed a second. Cut out some extra strawberries, cut out the flag and 1 Lamington, put all of those on mounting tape. On the popping Lamington and some of the non popping strawbs, I put glass glitter. I went over the text with black pen, but it still looked very plain, so I went around it in white to hi-light it.
If you click the below image it will show you the glass glitter better.


I hope that we have challenged and inspired you again this week.. I LOVE seeing what you girls come up with. It is awesome!
Don’t forget that at the completion of this week everyone that is up to date by Thursday evening will go in the draw for a little something :o) So if you’re not up to date, quick hehe!


  1. Great theme again ladies, here is mine

  2. I am a one-armed scrapper at the moment, so sorry this is late, but here is my Australia Day ATC - http://aussiescrapaholic.blogspot.com/2010/01/week-4-atc.html

    Thanks again and looking forward to the next one :D