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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super AUSSIE ATC’s!!

Ladies, I am so thrilled at all the ATC’s that were created for this challenge. They are all brilliant! Each one makes me love being an Aussie just a bit more :o)
I apologise that this has taken me a while to get them up. My laptop battery died and we’ve finally taken it back (because otherwise we’d miss our warranty period LOL!) I also apologise as the dinosaur doesn’t have your blog links, so when I type your name it isn’t going to put your blog link in. It’s also a completely slow …. so I will do this at a later date or I might just throw it out the window ;)
Anyhow on with the show… In order of uploading!!

Leesa wk 4 This lovely ATC was created by Leesa. Isn’t that Cockatoo just beautiful! You’ve done an awesome job embossing him. loving the Aussie colours!
Margaret Wk 4 Margaret’s beautiful creation! It is so cute Margaret! You do lovely work!
Sam's week 4 SammyStickles, :o) I love the stickles that you’ve used on the kookaburra!! He looks fantastic, well done.
aussie This is really cute Marla! I am loving that echidna, it’s one of my favourite Aussie animals. love the gum flowers!
Linda Linda this is just great. It’s good to see you utilising the Hubby’s cans :)
I really like the effect you’ve had by running it through the cuttlebug!! Top ATC!
wk4 Chelle, you’ve done another great job. One handed or not, you certainly do a much better job than I. hehe!


  1. Wow - they all look fantastic! Marla

  2. Now Liz what makes you think that was hubbies can??? LOL.