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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome and Recognition

First of all I would like to recognise where this idea came from. In 2008 Purple Scraps ran a year long ATC diary hosted by Julie Donaghy. De was unable to join in the challenge at that time, so has adapted some of the ideas shown on Purple Scraps and will be hosting this challenge for us at ATCs4U.

We would like to welcome you to join us in this year long personal challenge. Each week we will be posting a new topic for you to decorate your ATC front. How you wish to create your ATC is completely up to you. On the reverse side you will write a mini journal about the weeks highlights.If you are unable to complete your ATC for the week, it would still be a good idea to grab a blank and write the topic on one side and some ‘reminders’ for your journaling on the other side..

Each week we will bring you a new topic, posted here and at the group.You are most welcome to post your ATC in the group (weekly folders will be created). Also for those that blog feel free to leave a comment pointing to your post and I’ll be sure to link here to your post. I will update the blog with completed fronts when they are added to the group, because the journaling may be private there is no need to upload that unless you wish to!!

This weeks topic is: Your Name and It’s Meaning.


  1. Hi Liz and De, love this idea - not sure if I can keep up but I will try. :) Happy New Year!!

  2. WOW, great idea as I missed the Purple one (although I wanted to do it so badly, just life got in the way again), my resolution for 2010 is to do something creative everyday, so this will be great to keep my mojo happening! :D