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Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 3, It’s your Birthday

OK, this week's theme is your birthday. I know your birthday wont fall in this week (but mine does LOL), however do the ATC leaving the journaling side empty for now. Do a spare back to actually journal this coming week and keep it with the Birthday one.... see where I am heading with this?
Now what will happen, in the actual week of your Birthday, you will complete that weeks topic but paste your week 3 diary entry on the back of it and put it back where it belongs. You will then write your birthday week diary on your birthday atc that you’ve already completed.

CIMG8758Here is Elizabeth's ATC. She has focused on a wooden balloon, which she has painted, adding glitter to the streamer on the balloon, then tied some gold ribbon (which has been stiffened with wire so it will hold it's shape) on the bottom of it. She attached a ticket to the balloon reading Birthday Wishes.





De Birthday De Birthday Back

This is my Birthday ATC. The background has been done with very diluted Distress Inks (what I call the baking paper technique), The cake has been coloured in using Glaze and Tiara pens, and the off-white flower was stamped with a music stamp. A bling heart on the pink flower and a little round bling on the blue one completed them. The back was again done using the baking paper technique and Distress Inks and a small stamp was used in the corners.


  1. Ohh it's up before I left this morning! Birthday!?! Better start thingking!

  2. De - can you please explain the "baking paper" technique? Funnily enough, just this week I was reading a mag with a technique using Glad Bake - I wondered what on earth that was, till I figured it was probably just Glad (R) brand baking paper. Anywhooo, the inks were dripped/smeared onto the baking paper then the glossy paper was placed on top of the inked side of Glad Bake and lifted off and voila! A lovely coloured background. Is that what you are talking about? And do you have to use glossy cardstock? I can't for the life of me find any anywhere, and am using backs of packaging etc. as a substitute. Oh, and my Summer ATC is in the pipeline (so to speak :-))

  3. I've done mine now yay! But I figured out a little problem. My birthday falls in the Christmas week and I'm pretty sure you girls will have a Christmas theme that week, eh? It's ok I have a plan, I'll just take something sort of Christmas-sy like say 'bells' and make it not Christmas specific. :)

  4. here is mine for wk 3, thanks De and Liz, loving these and certainly keeping my mojo up! :D