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Friday, September 17, 2010

Trace’s catch up and pocket ATC’s

Here are some more lovely ATC’s from Tracey. She’s catching up quickly! In no time at all she’ll be up to date.
Well done Trace!

week 37 Trace Spring ATC Trace
Pocket/hidden folders ATC Spring ATC
Text, Trace Page maps 1 Trace
Text ATC Pagemap Sketch Challenge


Black Orange and yellow, Trace  


  1. You are certainly catching up in leaps and bounds Tracey....well done Like the black yellow and orange....simple, but effective.
    Good old Aussie gum blossoms for your Spring theme was a nice touch.
    Like the others too, but can't see the hidden pocket one too well, as the pic is a bit dark.

  2. Thanks De,
    the aussie gum is my favorite stamp at the moment.
    I have done a few more but havent taken pics yet.