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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mapping Speedy Brilliance

Wow! The pagemaps, have brought out the speedster in a few of you. Well done!

Week 6 Leesa
The lovely Leesa’s ATC. This is just so cute! I love the way you’ve done the circle but left his crown coming out of it. Very clever! Great ATC!
Marla Week 6
Marla, WOW! I love this ATC. I love all the bling, love the colours. So cute! Well done.
Chelle Wk6
Chelle, this is lovely. I love the vintage feel to this very elegant!!
Week 6 Pagemap Marg
Wow Marg this is just lovely! I love the classic colours and it’s also vintage! Just awesome!


  1. Leesa, really cute ATC Leesa
    Marla love this little owl and the bling
    Chelle just love the colours in this one.
    Another terrific ATC Margaret

  2. that OWL one is to just die for, love it, well I love them all, but that owl one, WOW